Equipment Hiring Policy

Everything in the Music Practice Room is the property of Christ’s College Music Society (CCMS). Instruments (including the drum kit) may be used by Christ’s students for practice in the practice room, subject to normal procedure for booking the room. This permission may be withdrawn without notice by the CCMS Chair, including for the following reasons: a) the equipment is being used elsewhere either by CCMS or by someone who has hired it; b) following mistreatment of the room or equipment

None of the instruments or equipment may be removed from the Practice Room at any time without following this hiring policy. Booking the Practice Room does not give the right to remove any equipment from it.

If a student or society (whether Christ’s or otherwise) wishes to use the instruments (including drum kit) or equipment for an event outside the Music Practice Room, they must follow this process:

  1. Requests to hire the equipment or remove anything from the Practice Room should be sent to the CCMS Secretary at with as much notice as possible (never less than 48 hours). [This applies to ALL hirers, regardless of part 5 below]
  2. Subject to availability and CCMS’s discretion, the secretary may agree to the equipment being hired for the event. Unless this explicit permission is granted, the equipment must not be removed from the Practice Room.
  3. Permission to hire is subject to the signing of a contract between CCMS and the student or society hiring the equipment [except in the circumstances detailed in part 5].
  4. Permission to hire is subject to payment of a hire charge [except in the circumstances detailed in part 5] as per the table below, and as agreed in the contract.
  5. The following hirers do NOT need to follow steps 3 and 4, i.e. the hire is without contract or charge: Christ’s students or Christ’s societies, when the equipment is to be used on the college site at an event where no admission fee is charged (or where the entire admission fee is donated to charity). However, ALL students and societies, including those from Christ’s, must ask permission as per steps 1 and 2. 

The student or society hiring the equipment (whether they are from Christ’s or outside) is responsible for gaining access to the practice room* and moving the equipment safely, maintaining the equipment in the state in which it was hired, and for its timely return. By using the equipment, a student or society is undertaking to pay for repair or replacement (as determined by CCMS) if the equipment is damaged during the hire period.

*If the society involves no Christ’s members, a member of the CCMS committee may, subject to availability, be able to open the Practice Room but is not expected to help move the equipment.

Table of charges

(Charges apply per day unless otherwise agreed) 

Drum kit – £40

Cajon (soft case) – £10

Electric bass guitar (soft case) – £15

Bass amp – £5

Microphone and cable – £10

Microphone stand – £5

Double bass (¾ size, solid top, Gear4Music, case) – £20

Cello (full size, Stentor student II, soft case) – £15

Viola – £10

C.10 Collapsible orchestral stands – contact to discuss hire

Handheld audio recorder available for recording recitals or concerts – contact to discuss hire