Music Rooms

Music Practice Room, New Court Basement

Instrumental players may practise here without disturbing anyone, and an upright piano and drum kit are also available. We expect the room to be used for music practice only and to be kept in a good condition. To use the practice room, please book a time slot on the Christ’s Room Booking system, and then request the key from the porters for the duration of your practice session. Access to this room is down the stairs next to the JCR and straight ahead.

Chapel, First Court

The chapel houses a grand piano and a Bishop organ. Only those students who demonstrate to the chair that they have reached at least Grade 6 standard may use the piano. Please contact the chair if you are an appropriate standard, and you will be added to the Piano List kept by the porters. Once on the list, you may request the key to the piano from the porters. Use of the organ is generally restricted to the Organ Scholars, but please contact the chair to enquire about access. The chapel may also be booked by instrumentalists for private practice or for chamber music rehearsals. Please book a time slot on the Christ’s Room Booking system.

Theatre, Yusuf Hamied Centre

A Bechstein grand piano is available in the Yusuf Hamied Theatre. It can only be played with permission from Professor David Trippett.

The Bill Fitzgerald Music Room

The Bill Fitzgerald Music Room was formally opened on 14th June 2023. It is a wonderful space for chamber music and smaller-scale ensembles. Seating 30-40, it is equipped with a new grand piano and is dedicated to Professor William Fitzgerald, a classically trained guitarist and head of research in the Signal Processing Laboratory in the Department of Engineering.

Look out for CCMS’s opening recital in the Bill Fitzgerald Music Room on 13th October, 2023 (18:00)!